Thursday, August 2, 2018

20 Pics Only Girls Will Totally Get

We all know that girls run the world (Bey said it, so it must be true), and god knows it's hard work, so don't we deserve a few good laughs once in a while? You're damn right we do, so here are some pics I hope do it for all y'all ladies out there! 

1. The shade Liar will make you feel prettier than that shady liar ever did

2. When it breaks, it's worse than a breakup

3. There are two Snapchat moods 

4. No kidding...

5. Girl, you best check yourself

If there's one thing us girls get, it's hair problems...

6. Why? Even the no-snag ties do it!

7. Everything is a constant trap

8. Seriously?!

9. Yaaa, yaaa, frig off! 

Even if you're a fan of gym class, you have to admit there's one thing that always makes it better...

10. Hot damn... call the police and whatever... I don't care, I just want. 

11. Ain't that the truth 

12. It's a tough one

13. Yes, it's still possible to slay with a food baby 

14. You better be snappy at those responses 

15. We're sick of it!

16. Ain't that the truth

17. Getchu someone you can depend on

18. Are you serious right now?

19. I need you beeetches 

20. Awww heck yes!

Ain't that the truth


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