Thursday, August 30, 2018

21 Ridiculous People Who Ain't As Special As They Think

From the second we are born we are spoiled with unconditional love, attention, and adoration. When we head off the primary school some of us come in last (or in my case, second last) and we receive a participation ribbon for trying. Once we reach middle school, we are dying our hair or piercing our noses in an attempt to either fit in or stand out. There are some who walk among us who truly believe they have blessed this Earth with their presence and we should all spend our days showering them with compliments and false hopes. To those people, I say, "You ain't special, you just delusional."

1. This is some new level shit. 

2. Who the hell was supposed to be pumpin' my gas?

3. Welcome to the party that isn't fun and never ends. 

4. Do you want your dog back, or do you want the likes?

#5 is the outcome of drinking when driving a motorized vehicle. 

5. Don't drink and drive applies to all motorized vehicles, damnit. 

6. Welcome to my life, Greg.

7. What socks?

8. When you're literally one in a million.

The guy in #10 needs boundaries or a psychiatrist... or maybe both.

9. The term "dead weight" really sticks out here. 

10. Romance is knowing that you can be replaced.

11. This is the type of woman that would burn your house to the ground if you cross her. 


12. With a roster like that, you are most definitely NOT irreplaceable. 

#15 is the ultimate sacrifice made in the name of love. 

13. Not everything in this world revolves around Chad, Gail!


14. Apparently, he wasn't that "special" of a someone.

15. There is always one in every squad. 

#18 would be more painful to watch than a the romance scenes in Game of Thrones with your parents sitting next to you on the couch.

16. I guess an Evite wasn't good enough. 

17. Can someone give this girl a hug so she can stop crowding my news feed with this garbage!?

18. I'd rather watch paint dry. 

#20 proves that humans aren't the only ones with attitude problems. 

19. I would recommend taking a chill pill, but I think this person needs something a little stronger. 

20. Much like the short man complex, small dog complex ruins lives. 

21. What a sacrifice. 


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