Thursday, August 2, 2018

22 Single People Who Won Christmas This Year

Being single during the holidays is hard. 

Just kidding. It's actually the best. 

When you're single, you have half as many family gatherings to attend as the average person in a relationship. You don't have to deal with in-laws. You don't have to put effort into buying that special someone a gift. The only people you need to shop for are your parents, and they have to love you no matter what. With these holiday blessings in mind, we bring you 22 people who said "eff it" to Bridget Jones and embraced singleness this holiday season. 

1. Why not recreate a nativity scene?

If you never bought the whole virgin birth thing, you will now. 

2. When your mom tells you to "sober up" and send out your own Christmas cards...

You send out this beauty. 

3. And the next year this one...

At least no one will ask you what your hobbies are this Christmas.  

4. Festive lumberjacks 

Now your grandmother will finally stop asking you why you never bring any girls to family dinners. 

5. The best part about the holidays is getting naked and bathing with all your roommates

You heard me. 

6. When your parents ask you for a picture for this year's family Christmas card

"The shitter was full!"

7. Merry Christmas from unstable vegan cat lady

Soy-nog, Sailor Jerry's and your cats are Christmas card perfection. Also don't forget to superimpose a close up of your tear-stained face in the corner. 

8. It's getting the little details just right that makes a perfect Christmas.

Like cans of PBR and Budweiser floating in a pool.  

9. Things that ruin your holidays: spending time with your in-laws

Things that don't ruin your holidays: being single and spending time with a bottle of Jim Beam. 

10. Forget the card

Why not make a single Christmas video narrative starring your pug?

11. Show them you aren't dependent on a man

Just a bottle of smooth red. 

12. For all those people that think it's appropriate to ask when you're going to start a family

Slap 'em with this festive gem. 

13. Announce your secret elopement to Patty "Bone Crusher" Johnson

Your parents could not ask for a better Christmas gift. 

14. For your ugly Christmas sweater party

Technically, it's a baseball tee, but it's definitely the ugly truth. 

15. Met a great guy. Bringing him to Christmas this year! 

Psych, Mom! Merry Christmas, you'll never have grand-kids!

16. You can't go wrong with an Arrested Development holiday theme

Probably no one will get it. But still. 

17. Nope, they're not twins, just one single dude 

18. If you can Photoshop yourself into a picture five times, you'll feel less alone

19. You might not have started Christmas single, but you sure as heck can end it that way 

Don't worry, the next pic will make you feel better 

20. Who wants turkey, when you can have this?

That didn't make you feel better, did it?

21. More for you!

22. Why not embrace it?


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