Thursday, August 9, 2018

23 People More Petty Than Tom

Pettiness isn't learned; it comes naturally. Ask any petty person why they're like that and you'll more than likely get a shoulder shrug in return. They don't know. It's not their fault they're like this. Chances are they don't care very much, either. That is until people get in their face about it. Then they'll cut holes in all your socks, spit in your milk or do any number of the petty things on this list. Lucky number 13 is a personal favorite.

1. Petty AF

2. I repeat, "a grown ass man"

3. I can't say I have

4. I think you might be right

5. Petty level: Parents

6. In a nutshell

7. When dating her is like having restraining order on every girl on the planet

8. Accurate

9. Nice person

10. The pic says it all

11. The epitome of petty has arrived

12. Damn, that sucks

13. Wait, I take it back. We have our winner right here

14. Name me a sibling relationship that hasn't gotten a little petty

15. Oh my, how the tables have turned

16. No matter how hard you try to resist the urge, the petty side of you always wins out

17. Harsh 

18. It's a gamble 

19. How dare he 

20. Traitor

21. Salty

22. Somebody's bitter

23. Vending machine is petty as heck


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