Thursday, August 23, 2018

23 Silky Dudes Smoother Than A Baby's Bottom

As a kid, I drank sickening amounts of Mello Yello, making me somewhat of an expert on how to stay smooth. Check out this list of people I deemed too smooth for their own good.

1. When you're out on a Saturday but your team is playing

2. Keegan is wise beyond his years

3. He made it look easy

4. Take notes, kids

5. MJ warned me about this guy

6. Get this dude a medal

7. Like a goddamn super spy out there

8. Straight to the point

9. No, man, you'regreat

10. Ooooh, he's good

11. That must be one smooth drink

12. A seamless transition  

13. This guy wrote the book on how to stay cool in dire situations

14. His phone must be blowing up

15. 21st-century smooth

16. With a shirt like that, I don't doubt it

17. Too good

18. This kid's going places

Probably not in baseball, though

19. Same

20. Grover is one smooth cock

21. Show her whatchu got

22. Good question

Better answer

23. Surgical


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