Wednesday, August 29, 2018

24 People Who Are Just Plain Doing It Wrong

Sometimes common sense isn't all that common. Like when you think everyone out there knows the proper spot to fill up their car, someone out there surprises you with their stupidity, or even something more basic like using a seat belt. Yeah, there are people out there who don't know how to do that properly either. And it's not people who haven't seen a car before... 

They're just plain doing it wrong!

1. The guy who will make his mechanic very rich someday

2. The person who has a different definition of diet than the rest of us

3. The person who definitely missed the mark on this one

4. The woman who thought this was acceptable gym attire

Sidenote: how does this even work???

5. The girl who thought this was how seat belts worked

6. The guy who's about to lose his bike

7. The girl who probably wasn't singing well anyway

8. The person who should never be allowed around Twizzlers

9. The girls who value their hair over their $1,000 laptops

10. Whoever set up this display

11. The person who did this just to make me cringe

12. This driver

13. The person who came up with this sign

14. The person who doesn't understand the concept of electric kettles

15. The person who didn't think it through

16. The woman who doesn't get technology

17. The guy who thought this was what they meant by "bike-n-ride"

18. Whoever came up with this barf

19. The girl who doesn't know how to use a chair

20. The person who thinks this is how you brush your teeth

21. The horrible pet owner responsible for this

22. This water slide

23. The person who failed at spaghetti

24. And lastly, this shopper

Collage sources: 1) theCHIVE 2) imgur 3) imgur


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