Wednesday, August 22, 2018

33 Times Men Weren't Actually Quite Wrong

Rarities in nature always give us something to marvel at.

Blue moons occur when a given month has more than one full moon.

Halley's Comet is visible every 75 years.

And maybe, once in your entire lifetime, you will witness a man being right.

Oh, stop, I'm kidding. But seriously, sometimes getting it "right" isn't always a woman's version of "right."

If you don't quite know what I mean, just scroll. There's a chance you'll miss some images from all the eye-rolling you're about to do!

1. Okay, busted.

2. Yes, he did.

3. Who needs a fancy handle? What are you, the Queen?

4. If you have OCD, this man is your worst nightmare.

5. Literally followed instructions.

6. The lawn is cut.

7. This took me a minute.

8. He was told to buy six potatoes.

9. When his ironing skills are stuck in 1987.

10. When he wants to make sure you're regular.

11. Well, maybe if she wasn't so vague...

12. He was asked to hang some Christmas lights.

13. Too much pun for one dog tag.

14. She's been there, done that, too many times and is not taking chances.

15. She asked her husband to cut her sandwich in half... she just didn't say how.

16. The ring is right, the note is devastating.

17. What can I say? I gotta hand it to the guy. The resemblance is uncanny.

Pinhead Larry and Tessa are both very fashionable though. Check out their cute chokers that are so in right now!

18. Pure evil is in the form of this man playing this very cruel prank on his girlfriend.

19. Oh no. This BF just reached a whole new level of savage.

20. Listen, you just have to set your priorities straight, you know?

I mean, change the cat to a dog and that's basically me. Doesn't everybody else date someone for their dog? No? Just me? Okay then...

21. The look on her face is priceless. It really says it all. A picture is worth a thousand words, after all.

Is she having the best Christmas or the best birthday ever? I guess we'll never know!

22. You can't fault him because he's technically not wrong. 

Although, what's up with guys who can't take the time to just replace the empty toilet paper roll? It ain't hard, guys!

23. Well, if you were starting to feel like someone's chauffeur, you'd say the same thing.

Also, I don't think the truck says Uber or Lyft either. That's actually so weird.

24. He's just very opposed to taking tests and I don't blame him. Didn't we leave behind dumb tests in high school?

Also, 1 to 7? That's so random! What about 1 to 5 or 1 to 10? 

25. You know, not all heroes wear capes. You just have to respect those who are busy saving the universe in their spare time.

I love how it escalates to using all caps and an exclamation point. That's when you know it's serious!

26. She gets this after telling him to buy some chocolate.

Seems like this husband is trying to one-up his wife in passive-aggression. Never attempt this, it's always a losing battle.

27. She gets exactly what she asked him for.

Husbands are really just simple beings. Sometimes wives really need to be more clear for them to actually listen and take instructions.

28. Some things really give you a perspective on your relationship

At least she can check to see if her bun looks good. Just the bun.

29. If you mix red and black, does it make blue?

No. Sorry. He's still wrong here.

30. It was actually a dinner roll.

If Mom isn't there to do a french braid, you'll just have to settle with a small baguette from Dad.

31. As if you don't hear enough of their smart remarks in real life...

When you see someone everyday and know exactly how to push their buttons, how can you not?

32. To be fair, he followed the list exactly. 

Lesson learned: never leave anything up to interpretation ever.

33. Clearly he has no idea what fish eat

You can just feed the family pets life-sized cracker versions of themselves! SMH, imagine just eating a human-sized cracker of yourself...

What is the funniest way your spouse got it "right?" Let us know in the comments!


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