Saturday, August 18, 2018

Elephants In "Zootopia" Wear Elsa And Anna's Dresses


So the latest Disney movie, Zootopia, imagines a world where animals walk and talk like humans. 

Turns out that a world without humans looks a lot like ours. Including our love for Frozen.

Pixar animators typically hide Easter eggs in their movies that give an early peek of their next project, but in this case, Zootopia hid a callback to 2013's Disney hit.

Nicholas P. "Nick" Wilde and Officer Judy Hopps

Anyway, here's the Easter egg. D'you see it?

Maybe you want some help? I know I did.

Look! The tiny elephants are wearing balling Elsa and Anna dresses!

The connection between the two films goes further.

Kristen Bell, the voice of Anna in Frozen, is also Priscilla, the sloth in Zootopia.

Anyway, check out the trailer!Zootopia hits theaters on March 4.

Main image via  1. Flavorwire 2. YouTube / CBR Trailers


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