Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Floral Wedding Dresses To Totally Fawn Over

I'm pretty sure that most women dream about their weddings from the time that they're little girls. I know I have. And although the ceremony, reception, and flowers are all a huge part of that special day, the biggest thing for me has always been the dress. I used to be pretty traditional when it comes to wedding gowns, but my style has definitely evolved into something a little more adventurous. So when I stumbled upon these magnificent floral wedding gowns, I started to get some serious dress inspiration. Are you brave enough to rock a floral wedding dress? Which one is your favorite?

1. This blush and floral embroidered wedding gown is drop-dead gorgeous. The insane amount of detail that went into this dress is seriously impressive. 

2. This floral dress is definitely not for the faint of heart. Between the peach tulle, huge flower details, and massive train, this gown definitely makes a statement. 

3. This vintage-inspired floral wedding dress is absolutely stunning. This is definitely the vibe I'll be going for on my wedding day.

4. This romantic, flowery wedding gown is absolutely amazing. The flowers look so incredibly lifelike. 

5. This wedding dress has just the right amount of colorful floral accents. It's simple and unique all at once!

6. I think we can all agree that this wedding dress is nothing short of dramatic. I'm absolutely in love with all the different flowers at play here. 


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