Saturday, August 11, 2018

Ghost Ship Went Off The Grid And Reappeared With No Crew

Being out at sea is a terrifying thought, at least it is for me. Just drifting along in what feels like an open abyss invokes all kinds of fear in me. Hearing about a ship that disappeared then reappeared with absolutely no crew members? That pretty much just solidifies all of my fears.

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The ship just disappeared one day

It was an oil tanker, and the crew had signaled its position on April 22nd. They were off the west coast of Africa, relatively close to their final destination of Senegal when they suddenly disappeared.

The authorities were puzzled

No one had any idea as to what happened. The ship went off the grid for roughly two weeks without any signal or reason why.

Out of the blue, the boat appeared

The oil tanker appeared on May 3rd in Robertsport, Liberia. This location is relatively far away from its intended destination of the port of Dakar.

After two days, the authorities conducted a search of the ship

The Tamaya 1 (the name of the ship) hadn't been searched upon its beaching, so the authorities began to scour. They soon found that no one was present...

There have been multiple theories as to what happened

The first theory is that the ship had caught on fire, potentially causing the crew to abandon it, as well as leaving it "gutted." They found that only one of the two lifeboats were present. The Liberian Ministry of National Defense said, "the vessel was gutted by fire, leaving the bridge (Upper and Control Center) burned along with all documents."

Another report suggests piracy

Another source believes that the ship may have been attacked by pirates, leaving it unoccupied upon its arrival in Robertsport.

Potential abandonment

Another theory, and possibly the most solid of the bunch, is that the captain didn't have the necessary amount of money to fund his crew, resulting in their abandonment. A port authority said, "Our best bet is that the vessel’s owner might have gone broke and had no money to pay crew members ... and therefore, the crew abandoned the ship."

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Main and collage image via Front Page Africa


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