Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Her Messy Home Was Reported To The City, But This Elderly Widow Didn't Know What Was Next

Agnes Maples is a 90-year-old widow who lives alone. So when she was informed that she was going to soon face daily fines of up to $2500, she feared what the future would hold.

A relative had been dumping trash at her house, leaving Agnes with his personal belongings and garbage for years.

“I tried to get him to get it out. It was terrible. All kinds of garbage,” Agnes shared with CBN.

At the age of 90, Agnes could hardly walk, and she was unable to clear the garbage herself. Worse, her home was starting to deteriorate.

“My roof had gotten bad and there was animals getting in ... I didn’t know what to do. I wasn’t able to do it and I know I couldn’t do it,” said Agnes.

Confused, desperate and alone, the elderly widow didn’t know where to turn….

Until she thought to call Operation Blessing, a non-profit humanitarian organization.

“They’re angels. They came in and cleaned out all the stuff.”

The group of volunteers not only removed all of the junk, but they also repaired and decorated Agnes’s entire house. They built a brick bath, decorated her property with flowerbeds, and removed all of the debris from Agnes’s home.

But Operation Blessing had one final surprise for Agnes…

“They asked me what I needed.”

“I said, please get me an air conditioner. So they surprised me with one,” Agnes said. The volunteers wrapped it in pink paper and a ribbon, and Agnes squealed with delight upon opening the generous gift.

“I love them all…I’ve been blessed and blessed”

Instead of fearing the future, Agnes can now relax in her clean, safe home — all thanks to the efforts of a group of special volunteers!

Main and collage image via YouTube / The Official 700 Club

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