Thursday, August 23, 2018

Her Twins Are Overdue So She Throws A Dance Party

#RelationshipGoals like you've never seen before.

I have nothing but respect for the ladies who go through pregnancy. Carrying a whole other person in your belly for nine months can definitely take its toll on your body, let alone TWO people! Considering this couple's twins were four days overdue, this amazing couple couldn't wait any longer for their twin boys to be born.

There are a few ways you can speed up the labor process: spicy food, long walks, even sex if both parties are comfortable. And yes, this was all learned from watching Friends.

But this couple came up with the best solution ever!

"Let's get it started... in heeeeeere," the pregnant mom lip syncs. And the rest speaks for itself.

As if they were in the hottest nightclub around, the pregnant woman and her partner blast the music and tear that living room floor up! You look at her pregnant belly and think, "HOW is she doing these moves?" 

Those twins can expect two things: the most fun parents ever and the most embarrassing parents ever... in the best way possible.

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