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Here's What The People Inside The 'Teletubbies' Costumes Really Look Like

When you're a little kid, chances are you didn't consider the fact that the majority of your favorite TV characters are cartoons, puppets or old dudes in costume. Now that we're older, wouldn't it be cool to see what some of the people behind these characters actually look like? The Teletubbies was one of the most popular kids shows when I was younger, but they literally never speak English and we never know what the people in the costumes actually look like... until now.

Would youever have guessed they'd look like this?

1. Tinky-Winky

We all know Tinky-Winky as the purple one with the purse, but did you know that two different people actually got into that costume over the years in the original series? Here's who they were:

Dave Thompson

The original Tinky-Winky was British comedian Dave Thompson. He was later fired because of the producers of the show didn't think he was giving an appropriate interpretation of the character. 

 Simon Shelton

The second person to play Tinky-Winky was Simon Shelton. He is better known as playing the Dark Knight in the popular British kids show Incredible Games.

2. Dipsy

Dipsy was the green Teletubby who always did his own thing. Wait until you see what the person who played him looks like!

John Simmit

John Simmit is also a British comedian who has made appearances on British shows like The Real McCoyand The Gadget Show.

Nick Kellington

Nick Kellington plays Dipsy in the new revised version of the show. Not only is he an actor, but he's also a rocker. His band Ella Guru currently plays around England.

3. Laa-Laa

The yellow Teletubby was always my favorite. Why? Because for whatever reason Laa-Laa was just way cooler than all the other ones. I don't know why, okay?!

Nikky Smedley

Laa-Laa was originally played by actress, director and choreographer Nikki Smedley. When the show ended, Smedley continued to focus on children's entertainment, and to this day still works with the production company that created Teletubbies.

4. Po

The youngest and smallest of the Teletubbies, Po was absolutely adorable. She was soft-spoken and always looking up to the older Teletubbies.

Pui Fan Lee

Lee is a British actress who is best known for her portrayal of Po. However, after the show ended she continued to entertain children. Most recently she helped introduce a new children's program called Show Me Show Me and later moved on to host the show.

To us, the Teletubbiesare just four colorful friends with oddly shaped heads and TVs for stomachs.

But once you see what the people behind the costumes looked like, you'll never look at the show the same.

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