Friday, August 17, 2018

People Are Wearing Real Succulents On Their Nails For This Look

When it comes to unusual nail trends, I'm always unprepared for what'll come next. Recently, we've seen fuzzy nails, aquarium nails, pumpkin spice latte nails, and scorpion nails. So when I caught wind that succulent nails are apparently now a thing, my curiosity obviously skyrocketed. I have always loved these adorable, low-maintenance little plants, and currently have two of them sitting on my desk. But how could one possibly incorporate a living succulent into a manicure? Australian terrarium and plant art designer extraordinaire, Roz Borg (@arozona), is the woman behind these whimsical yet largely illogical nail creations. She gets the look by attaching the tiny succulents to acrylic nails using floral glue, then attaches the acrylics to her real nails. 

Although these manicures take hours to create and aren't suitable for the majority of our daily lives, they're just so pretty that who cares?! The best part is that you can plant these tiny succulents when your manicure starts to wear out, and watch them keep on living! So if you're ready to see the newest bizarre nail trend, keep reading for a list of real, living, succulent manicures! 

1. Living Mani

This is definitely the most mesmerizing manicure I've ever laid eyes on. Her nails completely blend into the plant she's grasping. 

2. Green Thumb

I couldn't not make a pun about having a green thumb here. I have never seen such teeny-tiny succulents in all my life! 

3. Garden Party 

These light green succulent nails are worthy of having their own garden party. I seriously love the shape of them! 

4. Pretty In Polish

The real succulent nail look might be a little too much for you. If that's the case, just opt for a painted succulent look instead, like this glittering green design!

5. Cute Claws 

This is such a pretty, fresh manicure look. The white base polish was the perfect choice to make the succulent designs really stand out. 

6. Planted Pointers 

I love these alternating chocolate and succulent nails! The colors in this pretty plant-inspired manicure all complement each other so well. 

7. Living Ring! 

It felt like a crime to not show you these whimsical, stunning succulent rings. This would be the perfect accessory for a garden-themed wedding! 

8. Tiny Garden 

I had no idea so many different colors of succulents existed. This ring looks as though it belongs in a fairy tale. Sigh

9. Eco-Friendly Accessory 

I'm not usually very adventurous when it comes to accessorizing, but I mustget my hands on one of these rings. How could you not be happy while wearing a tiny garden on your finger?


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