Sunday, August 19, 2018

Rhinestone Eye Makeup Is Beyond Glamorous

My favorite thing about glitter is that it just shines. Who wouldn't want sparkly eyelids? If you love glitter, then you need to check out something that shines a little bit brighter. So many beauty bloggers have been rocking rhinestones on their eyelids, and it's beyond beautiful. Keep reading to check out these gorgeous rhinestone looks. I'm pretty much obsessed. 

Rhinestones are so much better than glitter. 

They just shine so much brighter. 

This totally reminds me of a mermaid. 

Be jealous, Ariel. 

I love this subtle rhinestone look. 

It just adds so much drama to her makeup.

Forgot wearing eyeshadow, I want to rock rhinestones on my eyelids. 

Love it. 

I really want to try this look out. 


Fit for a queen. 

Would you rock rhinestones? Comment to let us know! 


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