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Science Nerds Claim Dad Bods Are Sexier And Lead To Longer Lives

The dad bod has gotten some attention lately for being super sexy. When I heard this fact, I had a newfound confidence in my physique that surely has never existed. Interestingly, a good amount of science has gone into what makes this body type attractive to women and, more recently, if having a dad bod is unhealthy.

A scientist is making the case that dad bods may actually make you live longer. Hard to believe? Let's figure out what the deal is. 

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Some of the most popular dad bods out there are Vince Vaughn's...

Vin Diesel's....

... and surely Leo's.

When New York Daily News asked what about the dad bod women like, the responses were quite interesting. One woman said, “(It shows) you love life but also have the good sense to not let yourself completely go.” Another person said “Looking too fit can come across as self-centered.” Well, I agree and so does my dad bod. 

So we know that women like men who are a little chubby, but how is it possible that they could live longer than men who look much more physically fit?

Let's see what researcher Richard Bribiescas from Yale University found...

Richard Bribiesca found that middle-aged men who carry "a bit" of extra weight are more likely to have a longer life. 

As a result of becoming pudgy, these fathers may spend more time investing in their children rather than looking for other women. This, Bribiesca thinks, can make these men more attractive to women. 

The reason why men with a dad bod are better able to fight off illness may relate to less muscle mass and lower testosterone. 

Apparently, when men age and lose muscle mass over time (and add fat), they also become better at fighting off illness and passing on their genes. Bribiesca calls the idea that chubbier men live longer "the Pudgy Dad Hypothesis."

In fact, high levels of testosterone have been linked to a weaker immune system before. 

Some believe that this may explain why women, on average, have a superior immune system to men. 

Bribiesca told The Telegraph, "While men are on average larger and physically stronger than women, men have a considerable weakness. We have a harder time fighting off infections and illness compared with women, and... men simply do not take care of themselves."

As a result, men tend to age more rapidly as well. 

Some health experts urge that there are limits to the dad body... unfortunately...

Dr. Helen Webberley makes it clear that while there may be benefits that come from having a dad bod, people need to be careful. 

She said, “It is however important to be aware of this burgeoning bulge which may be exacerbated by poor diet and lack of exercise, neither of which is good for general health.”

Oh, I know it's sad that, yes, diet is incredibly important even though a small amount of extra fat is beneficial. 

At least you don't have to pound weights at the gym!

So how much dad bod is good?

The Washington Post states that if your body mass index is between 25 and 29, you likely have a dad bod. 

Do you believe the science?

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