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'Fifty Shades of Grey' Info Jamie And Dakota Tried To Keep Secret

I remember when all anyone ever wanted to talk or write about was Fifty Shades of Grey. The books took over the world and people couldn't wait to find out who was going to be lucky enough to play Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele. And then we got the perfect cast with Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson. We got the news that there were going to be three (!!!) movies and the first one turned out to be amazing. Don't be ashamed to say that you read the books or watched the movie! Embrace it. And get ready to read some steamy behind-the-scenes facts about making the movie! 

1. Dakota Johnson took a couple things from set as souvenirs! She took a flogger and several pairs of underwear. Apparently, she said the underwear was just too comfortable to leave behind.

2. Jamie Dornan revealed that he did a lot of research for this movie. To understand Christian Grey, Jamie visited a private sex dungeon.

Jamie sure is dedicated!

3. Special remote-controlled cameras were used for the steamy scenes so that the actors could enjoy some privacy! 

Honestly, it kind of sounds awkward to film those scenes. 

4. The director let Dakota and Jamie film all the scenes in the famous "red room" the very last week of production. She said that that way, the actors would be more comfortable with each other. 

Yeah... no matter how long you spend with someone, those scenes are awkward to film!

5. Dakota specifically asked her parents Don Johnson and Melanie Griffith to not see the movie. She thought it was weird and inappropriate to see it. 

First of all, WHOA. Talk about famous parents! Second of all, Dakota's right. You want to support your child but do you really want to watch that movie? 

6. Dakota got hurt on set after Jamie got too into a scene. She received minor whiplash after he threw her too hard onto the bed.

7. Dakota spent hours in the makeup chair because she had to get all her tattoos covered up. 

8. Each cast member had only five days to learn their lines! 

9. Jamie said the worst part about filming the movie was having to shave every day since he normally sports a beard. Jamie was really happy that he didn't have to shave his chest though!

10. All the props in Christian's Red Room were custom made by the production designer and the prop department. Apparently, the equipment is accurate to real BDSM toys.

11. The first time Anastasia sees the Red Room was the first time Dakota saw it too because the director wanted her reaction to be 100% genuine. 

Jamie actually spent a lot of time in the room just so he could get comfortable and familiar before the scenes. 

12. It's considered to be the second major movie to be released that's based on fan fiction. Fifty Shades is based on Twilight

The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones is considered to be the first movie based on fan fiction. The author wrote it based on fan fiction about Harry Potter!

13. Jamie had to come up with an entire new walk to play Christian Grey because his natural walk was deemed "too weird" by the directors and producers. 

Jamie walked on his tip-toes and had to practice with his wife on walks to perfect that suave Christian Grey walk. 

14. There was a lot of merchandise released for the movie. It included baby bibs that had "By-product of Fifty Shades of Grey" written on it. 


15. Beyoncé happily re-recorded her debut single, "Crazy In Love" just for the movie. It had been 10 years since the single's initial release!

Hmmm... you think Bey is a fan of the books or the movie????

16. Angelina Jolie was offered the chance to direct the movie but she declined. 

Whoa... I wonder what the movie would've been like!

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