Friday, August 17, 2018

Stove Top Wins The Internet With Their Stretchy Thanksgiving Dinner Pants

What's my secret to staying comfortable after my third helping at Thanksgiving dinner? Leggings. Paired with a cute tunic or dress, they have tons of room for stretching while still remaining more event-appropriate than sweatpants. 

But not everyone has that option, so Stove Top came to the rescue this year with their "fashionable" Thanksgiving dinner pants. 

Please note the scare quotes there, because even though Stove Top is advertising the pants' appearance, they are totally in on their own joke. 

They aren't just in on it. They're jumping in with both feet and a gravy boat of irony. 

The stretchy pants are basically maternity pants with a stuffing theme, which would be a tough sell if it weren't for the genius commercial.

You know those '80s commercials with the hammy acting and over-the-top voiceover? 

Well, Stove Top recreated the idea perfectly and then turned it up to 11. 

Special shout-out to the actor playing the dad, who is giving 210% in every single shot!

"You can try to make your own stretchy pants, but bags of rubber bands can cost tens of dollars!"

I'm sure Stove Top didn't expect the pants to sell out quite so fast, but I'm also sure they're happy to see it!

Of course, some people haven't quite caught on that it's a joke...

But that's okay! Because while those sourpusses are having a boring, single-serving dinner, we'll all be having a great time making room for that fourth helping of stuffing!

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