Monday, August 20, 2018

The Daily Dip #327

Y'all know what you came here for: the best of the best funnies the internet has to offer from this date in this month of this particular year. So I am going to spare you the long-winded intros. As always, keep in mind that these are meant to offend. A lot, in some cases. And that's okay. You know why? They're just stupid words and memes posted by some jerkface internet writer!

On that note... ENJOY!

1. Pimple faced, greasy hair high school me was very familiar with this starter pack. 

2. The comment at the bottom says it all. 

3. It costs $300, but it's a guaranteed minimum 78 Instagram likes.

4. You gotta be more specific, fam.

5. "No, I'm not talking about food."

"Oh... well memes then."


"My long-term plan is to look at more dank memes."

6. He's gonna ruff you up. 


7. I was always a fan of, "You laugh like an idiot."

8. Also talks about the thread count on his Egyptian cotton sheets but sleeps on a futon.

9. I'm in tears. Why, internet? Why?

10. I only like humans when I can post inspirational stories about them to my Facebook so I can get likes and seem like a nice, caring individual.

11. "I'm about to get called by my first, middle and last name." –that guy probably

12. People need to figure out how to monetize single Tweets. This is worth something.

13. "I'm sorry I didn't put the throw pillows on the bed. I figured we'd just take them off tonight, so why bother?"

14. "You mean go slow on the back roads and floor it on the speedway?"

"Exactly, son."

15. Okay, enough with the funnies. Take a second to share this with your friends who like to travel. It may save a life.

I'm dead serious. I never knew this happened. smh.

16. If I am terminally ill one day, I am going to Florida and die in a drunken, coked-up fight with a cross-dressing stripper that actually ends up being an alligator.

17. Don't dish out what you can't eat.

That joke works on many levels given the burn she received. 


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