Thursday, August 2, 2018

The Latest Trend For Fall 2016 Is Hidden Rainbow Hair

When I first heard the term hidden rainbow hair, I was obviously very curious. When it comes to my own hair, I'm not usually one to take many risks. But after looking through photos of this fun new trend, I might actually consider jumping on the hidden rainbow bandwagon. This look is awesome because it's literally what it sounds like. You can showcase the vibrant colors if you want to, but also hide them for more conservative occasions. Basically, this look is perfect for those of us who are half shy and half super wild. If you're dying to find out what all of the hype is about, read ahead for 12 examples of fall 2016's latest hair trend. 

1. Skittles 

These Skittles-inspired hues are so vibrant and fun! 

2. Pastel

This pastel hidden rainbow hair looks exactly like a My Little Pony's mane. So soft and whimsical! 

3. Wavy

I love how these soft waves subtly showcase the hidden rainbow colors. 

4. Mermaid 

This mermaid-inspired hidden rainbow look is SO cool. I am green with envy just looking at it (pun intended). 

5. Cropped

This short, platinum bob with hidden rainbow layers is super cute and playful. 

6. Shiny

I can't get over how shiny and sleek this hidden rainbow look is. Gorgeous! 

Want to see the hidden rainbow look on darker hair? Keep reading! 

7. Two-Tone

The purple and teal tones to this hidden rainbow are more subtle, yet still totally beautiful. 

8. Braided

Throwing in a fishtail braid is the perfect way to put hidden rainbow hair on display. 

9. Violet

The different violet tones to this hidden rainbow style look amazing with her jet black hair. 

10. Barbie

If Barbie were to get hidden rainbow hair, I imagine this is what she'd look like. So girly and bright! 

11. Top Knot 

A top knot is an awesome way to showcase hidden rainbow hair. 

12. Psychedelic 

Would you ever expect these psychedelic colors to be hidden underneath such a conservative hairdo? I sure wouldn't, and that's why I love this trend! 


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