Wednesday, August 29, 2018

This 51-Year-Old Lost So Much Weight That She's Unrecognizable

If you've ever felt the need to lose a few pounds, you know how much of a head game it can be. Now imagine having a couple of hundred of those pounds to lose and knowing that, if you don't, you will probably die. This was life for Clara Williams. At over 400 lb, middle age was starting to seem like the end of the line, and, with so much at stake, she needed to make a change. She did, and — wow! — the difference is something you have to see to believe.

Life At 420 lb.

At 51 years of age, Clara had struggled with her weight her whole life. Anyone who has ever struggled with their weight knows how hopeless the dream of being a socially comfortable size can feel. Clara was getting older but not healthier; her weight was always a problem and now, she was facing the costs.

A Grandmother Who Wants To See Her Grandchild Grow Up

When she became a grandmother to her grandson, Isaac, she began to think about her weight in a different way. It was this life change that made losing weight about more than looks and clothes; living a long, healthy life became the motivator.

“It was hard to even get up off the couch by myself, let alone with a baby in my arms,” Clara said. "I was sick of being sick and tired. So I decided to fight to live life to its fullest.”

Hitting The Top With TOPS

After making the decision to start the process of losing weight permanently, Clara needed support and she found it. She joined TOPS, which stands for "Take Off Pounds Sensibly," a nonprofit support group for people who are ready to lose weight in a healthy, reasonable way. It was there that she began to transform her life and thus, her body.

Her Results

Clara did not use a strict, unrealistic diet to get these dramatic results. The TOPS program featured weekly contests and weigh-ins to keep her motivated and focused. The group kept her accountable and honest about her progress and habits, which made the transformation possible. Clara was quoted saying, “The support from the group gave me all the encouragement I needed, and in so many ways, it saved my life.”

Walking Is One Foot In Front Of The Other

Every journey, long or short, starts with a single step. Clara's is no exception. She walked and walked and walked to get her body into shape and keep her mind focused on her goals. She would also follow Leslie Sansone's Walk-At-Home tapes to keep her going.

One Step At A Time, Look How Far She's Come

At 5'10", Clara collectively lost 243 lb. That is a whole other adult person! Now, at the healthy weight of 183 lb, she reports being both relieved and mortified at the dramatic transformation she made to save her own life. The difference is huge in both mind and body. No looking back!


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