Sunday, August 19, 2018

This '90s Inspired Lip Trend Will Send You Back In Time

If you grew up in the '90s, then you must know of Lisa Frank. Remember the completely psychedelic stationery, coloring books, and more that featured cute animals and insane patterns? Yes, this is the Lisa Frank I'm referring to. And if you're anything like me, any new trend that reflects back on '90s fads will bring you an instant feeling of joy. So when I heard that holographic lips were apparently now a thing, you can bet your bottom dollar I smiled about it. 

Think Britney Spears circa her first album; those glossy, pastel lip looks that we all tried so hard to replicate. The wild, bright, reflective lip looks remind me of something Lisa Frank would've made a lip gloss line out of, so obviously I'm a supporter of this mesmerizing new trend. Are you brave enough to give holographic lips a go? Keep reading for 12 photos of the holographic lip trend to find out! 

1. This is basically the entire Lisa Frank color palette summarized into one super-glossy lip look. This is practically like staring at a work of art. 

2. I love how this makeup artist chose to leave her top lip plain black to really emphasize the holographic lower lip. The teal and faint copper colors stand out so well against the matte black base color. 

3. What a beautiful, feminine lip look. This baby pink color has the perfect amount of subtle, holographic shimmer. 

4. If mermaids had a signature lip color, this would undoubtedly be it. This blue and purple holographic lip look is seriously out of this world.

5. This is another half-and-half lip look that I'm totally digging. If someone did me the honor of giving me this lip look, it'd be impossible to drag me away from the mirror. 

6. This is a super edgy, unique, and wildly bold lip look. It's one thing to pull off black lips alone, but to rock a black, holographic lip look is a whole other story. 

7. This makeup artist has some intense lip lining skills. Her talent is clearly displayed in the fact that this rose lip liner blends in seamlessly with the holographic gloss. 

8. Paired with her holographic pearl nails and nose ring, this lip look is 100% showstopping. I'm already having visions of my next Halloween costume: Ice Queen. 

9. This purple and gold lip look totally reminds me of Britney Spears's makeup circa the early 2000s. And if Britney would wear it back then, it's inarguably cool now. 

10. This lip look combines all of the hottest trends of this season: burgundy, metallic, and holographic. This is pure talent. 

11. If the holographic lip trend is a little too wild for you, why not try out a more subtle lip look instead? This stunning copper and peach color is courtesy of Sigma Beauty's lip gloss in "Dazzling."

12. I adore how this mainly purple lip gloss looks when the light reflects on it. Those emerald green and copper colors are so eye-catching. 


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