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This Strong Family Turns Their Loss Into Their New Life Mission

Losing a child is every parent's worst nightmare. 

It's what keeps us up in the wee hours of the night. It's what feeds our fears when we turn our backs. It's what drives us to overprotect. 

Unfortunately, none of those things can stop fate.

And when we're dealt difficult cards, we still need to play. We still need to move forward, sometime, somehow. 

Let's hear how one family has turned their worst nightmare into a mission to change the world in their late daughter Camille's name. 

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Their little baby girl Camille was only 14 months old when she climbed out of her high chair and headed outside. 

Tragically, she climbed her way into the backyard spa and drowned. 

As you can imagine, such a hardship devastated the family. 

They struggled to accept what had happened. And then...

On what would have been her second birthday, an idea was born. 

Mom Stephanie realized that something good could come from this terrible loss. 

"Her birthday is one of those days I'm determined to celebrate and not mourn because I got to have her in my life."

This mom appreciates every single second she shared with her late daughter.

Every single year since that second would-be birthday in 2009, the family does something special to pay tribute to their baby girl who was taken way too soon. 

They complete random acts of kindness in her honor. 

They have touched thousands of people's lives so far. The amount of people who've said they are doing random acts of kindness too is incredible! 

Sometimes the random act of kindness comes through baking cakes and hosting a party for the neighborhood; sometimes it's about taking someone to lunch. Other times, it's through releasing balloons. Every single time though, it's all about connection and community. 

I'll leave you with this brave mom's wonderful words regarding their family's mission: "It warms my heart and makes me feel like she still had a purpose here." 

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